Security Consultation

Proactive security, for risk and emergency management

Risk Management

Protect your Assets Worldwide with Expert.

Batsco Security Services can provide you with a security and safety analysis of your location(s) to help you identify which services will provide the results you seek. We specialize in manned guarding security provisions and provide all our clients with discreet, trained and experienced staff who understand the need to be professional. We also provide male and female security officers in order to offer you optimum choice and flexibility.

Contingency Planning

Prepare your organization for the worst.

Any strategy for financing a business today is fraught with risk. Having a contingency plan in place is necessary when profitability and liquidity constraints threaten the underlying viability of the company. Initiating that contingency plan well in advance of the possibility of defaulting on debt payments or covenants is the best way to maintain credibility and control.

Our process for building a robust business model not only includes contingency planning but also serves as a strong negotiating tool for devising the financing strategy necessary for consensus-building among all constituents.

Threat Assessment

Assess Potential Security Threats and Reduce the chance of Surprises.

To stay fully operational and profitable, a company can never be caught off guard. That’s why clients around the world rely on Pinkerton’s team of security experts to perform a wide variety of security risk assessments. Here are just a few examples of the assessments we do to help protect companies

  • An assessment of threat and vulnerability applicable to your headquarters and/ or other physical locations (distribution centers, retail stores, offices, satellite locations, executive residences and travel routes)
  • A detailed review of employee safety and security processes at all client locations
  • Compliance audit against security provisions or mandates required by your industry
  • A demographic analysis of the criminal activity in an immediate locale
Why choose Us?

ProactiveProtected 24/7.

We offer forward-leaning and innovative security solutions aimed at deterring, detecting, preventing, and mitigating threats—not simply responding to them—thus minimizing the potential for casualties, asset damage, operations disruptions, increased insurance costs, and reputational damage.

Why choose Us?

ProvenEffective security solutions

We have an established track record of enhancing security operations across a range of public and private sector organizations and operational environments from crowded, publically-accessible commercial facilities to restricted, critical infrastructure sites.

Why choose Us?

Cost-EffectiveMajor capital expenditures

With a focus on proactive security training, protocols, and concepts of operation, our services can easily integrate with and leverage a client’s existing security programs, personnel, and infrastructure and, similar to a software upgrade, significantly enhance the client’s overall security.

"The only real security that a man can have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience and ability."

Henry Ford

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