About Us

Everything you need to know about our Company

Why choose Us.

BATSCO is a leading provider of security services to major corporations, government agencies, industrial companies and commercial clients. Our company boasts a talented pool of effective, highly experienced, multiple task managers who strive to maintain the unrivalled reputation BATSCO is known for in the security industry.

Our Mission.

Batsco Security Services is introducing a new innovation and working practices within the security services in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Our working pattern and management system are completely different from other security service providers in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Batsco Security Services has an excellent reputation in the security industry all over the Kingdom.

What we Do.

BATSCO offers a plethora of security services some of which are; uniformed security officers, investigation, background checks, emergency, protection facility operation, close protection services, threat analysis & response and risk management.